Submission Guidelines


here is a pdf version of our guidelines to download.

feel free to message us with any questions on submissions:


poetry • prose* • art**

* including, but not limited to: personal essays, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, and short stories. we’d love to read your weird work; your tweets, your journal entries, etc.

** art, including, but not limited to: digital, traditional, photography, multimedia, etc



• send all submissions to

• subject line of your email should be: (1) poetry, (2) prose, or (3) art.

• submissions are read by our team blindly. as such, please do not include any identifying information in your documents // (this is not including your cover letter).

• include your cover letter as a separate document. [we understand that writing cover letters can be intimidating. please refer to the cover letter section of the submission guidelines.]

• we accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere.

• we don’t accept work previously published to other journals or magazines. however, if your work has only ever appeared on a personal blog or website, feel free to submit it to us.

• all work must be wholly original, or it will be rejected.


• send us 2 to 5 of your best poems.

• title all work or make an indication of whenever the poem ends.

• please send all of your poems in one document and include no more than one poem per page.


• send up to 8 of your best pieces.

• please send high-resolution photographs of your art (if they are meant to be)


• send us 2 to 3 of your best pieces. • each piece should be < 1500 words.

• we’re fine with mixed-category prose submissions (i.e. 1 short story, a personal essay, and journal entry.)

• please separate each piece so that it appears as its own document.


• send us a short bio and places where you have previously been published. (3-5 sentence bio in your letter, as well as any social media links/urls of importance.)

• your cover letter will only be reviewed in the event that your work is accepted, keeping in line with our blind submission process, so you should have identifying information inside.

• for poetry submissions, include any additional information we should know about your pieces that may be of importance for our team.

• for prose submissions, please include the titles as well as a synopsis or overview of your work, or any additional information you think we should know.

• for art submissions, please include an artist’s statement if there is any. feel free to message us if you need any help on the cover letter! do not feel intimidated.